CCF Tapes

This website has been set up following the closure of CCF Tapes in September 2023. CCF tapes began unofficially in 1972 when Mike Levett began recording Roger’s talks on a portable cassette recorder and Ralph Page devised a set-up for copying multiple cassettes at once, which were then distributed to anyone who missed the Bible studies. Over the years it grew and grew until, at its peak, CCF tapes were sending out 30,000 cassettes annually worldwide.

It is a testament to the quality of Roger’s Bible studies, and the hard work of Ralph, Maggie and the trustees of CCF Tapes that it was able to continue for nearly 37 years after his death.


Roger’s family would like to thank Mike Levett (also a Trustee), Mike Bower, Keith Cline, Ralph Page and all of the other employees and volunteers, such as Maggie Page, Chris Page and Ed Rigg, who have helped set-up, run (and digitise) CCF tapes over the years.

A lot of the descriptions of the talks used on this website were originally from the CCF tape catalogues and we are thankful for the work done on them.

We would also like to thank Alan Manchester who has written up the first three series of the Basic Bible Studies into books – Salvation, Grace and Judgement and Fulfilled Prophecy.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has served as trustees, in particular Roger French and Dennis Mason who have both served Roger's ministry for over four decades.